Welcome to
Art à Loan
Welcome to Art à Loan 2015!

Celebrating its 9th year, the
Art à Loan program is designed to encourage young artists to share their talents with the Jackson community. Sixty pieces of artwork were chosen by a committee to be professionally framed and displayed at the Ella Sharp Museum of Art and History. After the exhibit, the pieces will be placed in public locations around Jackson County and rented for one year. The rental proceeds will be used to fund the program for the following year.

Please scroll down to enjoy this year's fantastic collection.

To view artwork:

Move your cursor over an image and the following information will appear:
    - the student's name, grade & school, the title and size of the artwork (length x width);
    - the word "AVAILABLE" or the name of the business that has rented the piece.

Click on the artwork  to view a larger image of the piece.
You can continue to page through the images in this larger format or "X" out of this screen to return to the thumbnail images. 

To view artwork from a previous year, click on the year below:

This program is co-sponsored by the Jackson Civic Art Association and the Ella Sharp Museum.

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